Your Ideas to Your Outfit!

All too often, we're forced to pick: style or fit with ready to wear brands. Alternatively, we try to find our perfect fit with nearby boutiques. The search for good design and perfect fit
may still continue.....

Our fashion designers meet you personally or virtually to discuss your ideas or requirements and suggest design & styling based on your body types. We get your Outfit delivered at home with customized design, styling and assured fit.

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The Design & Styling

The design is achieved through constant trends research, innovation and techniques keeping in mind customer ideas and requirements. Our fashion designers suggest design & styling based on customer body types and submit illustration/sketch for approval.

The Quality/Fit

Quality is always a mix of mindset and technical expertise. We spend most of our time and energy for good design, to achieve high quality and perfect fit. Every single detail from material to technique is given utmost attention.

If our product doesn't satisfy you, we shall rework to deliver you desired design, style and fit. If still not satisfied, we’ll take it back and refund you.

The Customer Experience

The customer experience is result of delivering good quality product in given timeline, attending customer calls, queries and their quick resolution. All our efforts are focused towards creating exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.


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Custom Fashion Tailoring

No more Hassles of visiting Boutiques for Custom Outfits!

Our fashion Designers/Stylists visit you to design and get your Perfect Fit.

* Customized Design & Styling
* Guaranteed Fit
* Excellent Quality
* Transparent & Reasonable Pricing
* Free Pick up & Delivery
* Faster Delivery
* Exceptional Customer Experience

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